The ROX Therapy Overview

Therapy Overview

The ROX Coupler is placed between the artery and vein in the upper thigh to allow a fixed amount of blood to flow between them, known as an anastomosis. The minimally invasive catheter procedure to place the Coupler is called the ROX FLOW procedure. The ROX FLOW procedure is performed in an angiography suite or endovascular catherterization lab under only local anesthesia. The ROX Coupler is intended for use in patients with uncontrolled hypertension and may lower blood pressure by shifting a modest amount of arterial blood to the venous system.

The ROX Medical CONTROL HTN-2 clinical trial is currently enrolling in the United States. For more information visit:

CAUTION: The ROX® Medical Coupler is an investigational device. Limited by federal (or United States) law to investigational use only.

The Procedure

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