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Part-time (15-20 hour per week) Clinical Trial, Telephone Nurse Consultant – Remote Position

ROX Medical is actively enrolling candidates in a clinical trial that investigates a medical device option to manage uncontrolled high blood pressure. The ROX CONTROL HTN-2 trial is a prospective, randomized, adaptive, double-blind, sham controlled, multicenter study to evaluate the ROX Coupler in subjects with hypertension.
ROX is currently running a patient recruitment program driving interested individuals to a website landing page to learn more. Prospective candidates can request an initial pre-screening by filling out a form on the website or calling a phone number. The call center takes the candidates through a series of 12-15 questions related to their high blood pressure and records the answers in a web-based CRM system.

We are currently hiring one or more individuals to review and contact the call center candidates formally completing the pre-qualification process. The Telephone Nurse Consultant will assure the information collected from the call centers meets the study requirements and can be handed off to the appropriate research site(s). Recording all pass and fail data in the ROX study CRM system. The Nurse Consultant acts as the liaison between the call center and the Clinical Institution providing qualified pre-screened candidates for the CONTROL HTN-2 Trial.

Responsibility Details:

    • Accesses patient information obtained by call center, places call to prospective candidate to review and qualify information collected.
      – Call back will include asking an additional series of 5-8 medical/health related questions.
    • Determine qualification status and record all data, pass or fail into the ROX Study collection software, ClinPass. (Training will be provided)

– All data that passes will trigger Clinical Study site to reach out to qualified candidate to schedule their onsite appointment.

  • Ensures that the caller comprehends the questions and is ready to schedule appointment with the appropriate Clinical Institution.
  • Conveys to the caller in a ‘telecharismatic’ manner, that they are the #1 priority.
  • Listens, communicates and documents simultaneously and navigates computer programs to assess, process, educate and document all information in a professional manner.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Education/Training – Graduate from an accredited program for professional nursing education, BSN preferred.
  • Minimum of 3 years nursing preferred.
  • Cardiology or Interventional preferred.
  • Experience and knowledge of the purpose and use of medications in the treatment of high blood pressure/hypertension is preferred.
  • English speaker with excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Basic computer skills including the ability to turn on a computer, use a web-browser to login to a website, and fill-out a web form without assistance.
  • Ability to conduct phone calls in a consistently quiet and professional environment.
  • The call screener must provide their own phone and computer.


  • $30 per completed call screening and CMR upload.
  • There is no hourly compensation.
  • This is a contract position and as such does not provide benefits.
  • This is a temporary position that will likely last between 3 and 6 months.

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